Welcome to our Clinical Placements’ website. Thank you for your involvement in the placement education of the MSci and MSc Speech and Language Therapy students from the University of Reading. As we continue to develop this website, please contact Allie Biddle a.biddle@reading.ac.uk for suggestions of things to include.

“All students will be made to feel welcome on placements and will be treated with fairness and respect, irrespective of race, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, health status, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and belief. We want placement experiences to be safe and positive for students, staff and clients. If you have any placement adjustments related to health or disability, or concerns about the placement, please discuss these with your practice educator at the earliest opportunity. Any information disclosed will be treated in strictest confidence. We look forward to having you on placement.”

– Clinical Placement Providers

SLT placement administrators

Sherifah Al-Katib and Julie Hankinson are our placement administrators. Joint email contact –  sltplacements@reading.ac.uk. Telephone: Sherifah (0118 378 6659) and Julie (0118 378 3355).

Here’s what our students had to say about their placement:

“I would just like to thank you once again for an incredible 8 weeks of placement. I have had the opportunity to see so much progress of my clinical skills within such a short period of time. Receiving feedback from the both of you and positive comments from parents has motivated me to continue to work hard.”

“I was able to be independent and take on my own case load to work through. I had clear tasks for each day which I was able to manage myself. The communication in the team was admirable and each team member strove to make each decision on behalf of everybody concerned.”

“Both (SLTs) Theresa and Chloe were great at explaining to me what they were doing, why they were doing it and answering my questions. They also kept me on my toes by asking questions back!”.

Here’s what a couple of our educators concluded about their students:

“…was overall an excellent student who showed high levels of professionalism, sound knowledge and therapeutic skills and a good level of independence. She made excellent working relationships with both clients and professionals and fitted well into clinic and was a pleasure to work with.”

“…worked very hard and took positive and negative criticism well. She had a good work ethic and always prepared the actions that we’d discussed the previous week.”

“H has done really well attending a meeting with professionals and the family and the support workers of a client of ours. H was really confident in the meeting and was very supportive to the carers who wanted to provide the best of care”.

“(She) has been an absolute pleasure to have as a student. I am currently short staffed by 1 wte.. (She) is working at the level of a qualified SLT due to her confidence and ability to work under guidance. She has made resources, picks up suggestions for therapy quickly and is calm and confident when with patients.”



Please find below a list of proposed dates, for all the terms, that we are aiming to work towards for the weekly placements.

 Email  Autumn Term Spring Term (Weekly Placements)  Summer 2021
RISIS sends out final placement details to Placement Educators 13 September 2021 2 December 2021 17 March 2021
RISIS sends out final placement details to students 16 September 2021 7 December 2021 22 March 2021
Schedule of Placements October 2021_-_September 2022


 Name Telephone Email Availability
Allie Biddle

Clinical Coordinator

0118 378 4687 a.biddle@reading.ac.uk Monday – Friday
Fiona Baillie 0118 378 3346 f.baillie@reading.ac.uk Tuesday, Wednesday
Sara Fincham-Majumdar 0118 378 3352 s.c.finchammajumdar@reading.ac.uk Monday, Wednesday
Nika Dehghan (Maternity Leave) 0118 378 3384 n.dehghan@reading.ac.uk Monday, Thursday, Friday
Melissa Loucas 0118 378 3361 m.j.loucas@reading.ac.uk Thursday
Helen Marlow 0118 378 3363 h.marlow@reading.ac.uk Tuesday, Thursday
Kate Munro 0118 378 3366 c.a.munro@reading.ac.uk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (PM)
Afshan O’Sullivan 0118 378 3367 a.j.osullivan@reading.ac.uk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Katherine Pritchard 0118 378 3370 k.a.pritchard@reading.ac.uk Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (AM)
Theo Read 0118 378 3737 t.e.read@reading.ac.uk Monday, Tuesday, Friday
 Sarah Wagstaff  s.a.wagstaff@reading.ac.uk Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
 Kathryn Weston  0118 378 3804 k.j.weston@reading.ac.uk Monday, Thursday, Friday



1MSc Adult Summer block form 2021:


Adult Weekly Autumn Form 2021



1MSc Paediatric Summer Block Form 2021:


Paediatric Weekly Autumn Form 2021



Msci and MSc handbook for Practice Educators 2021-22



Wednesday 5 January 2022 13:00pm – 16.30pm

Book Now

Please email sltplacements@reading.ac.uk if you would like to be added to our waiting list for future dates.

We have adapted the New Practice Educator training to be delivered online in order to maintain everyone’s safety during the current Covid’19 situation. As a result the training is a full day, however we appreciate this may be too long to sit and focus on a screen for; we have therefore split the training into 2 sections.

The first half of the training will be sent to you via email once you have signed up. This pre-course requisite will include a few pre-recorded presentations and activities to help you prepare for the half day face to face session before attending. This will allow you to complete the first part of the training day in your own time, when it best suits you; you need to allow at least 2-3 hours to work through this material, this must be completed before you attend the training day. We have scheduled the synchronized half of the training as a 3.5 hour session, this will include live teaching, opportunity to ask questions, discussions and group work. We will be using an online platform called Blackboard Collaborative Ultra.




Wednesday 5 January 2022 9.30am – 13:00.pm

Fully booked.

Please email sltplacements@reading.ac.uk if you would like to be added to our waiting list for future dates.

We have adapted the Experienced Practice Educator training to be delivered online in order to maintain everyone’s safety during the current Covid’19 situation. The training is for half a day (usually 1pm-4.30pm) but this may be subject to change. We will be using an online platform called Blackboard Collaborative Ultra.



Undergraduate 4 Year Course

4MSci and 2MSc Autumn 2021, Spring 2022 (Weekly Placements)

Postgraduate 2 Year Course

4MSci and 2MSc Autumn 2021, Spring 2022 (Weekly Placements)


Undergraduate 4 Year Course

4 MSci and 2 MSc Professionalism form

Postgraduate 2 Year Course

4 MSci and 2 MSc Professionalism form



Comments from Clinical Examiners from practice

“I really enjoyed the day; it was full on but very interesting day. I was very pleased to be paired with an experienced Uni examiner.”

“I really enjoyed the experience of being a clinical examiner. It was inspiring to meet the next cohort of speech and language therapists and to see how much knowledge and enthusiasm they have. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and reflect on my own practice.”

If you would like any further information or would like to put your name forward to be a clinical examiner then please contact Allie Biddle on 0118 3784687 or by email at a.biddle@reading.ac.uk.


Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust – Paediatrics – Student Induction Pack 2021-2022
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust – Adults – Student Induction Pack 2021-2022
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Adults – Student Induction pack 2021-2022
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Adults – Student Induction Pack 2021-2022
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Adults – Virtual Induction Pack 2021-2022
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust – Adults – Student Induction Pack 2021-2022


Do you know anyone living with aphasia who would like to join our virtual aphasia friendly ‘conversation cafes’? This is a social group.  A chance to chat in a relaxed and safe space. SLT students will run the groups under the supervision of SLTs.

When: Every Wednesday from 24th February 2-3

Where: virtual via video

For more details please contact: adult-slt@reading.ac.uk


Paediatric Clinic

  • paediatric-slt@reading.ac.uk

Adult Clinic

  • adult-slt@reading.ac.uk