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In April 2018 the Staff Forum was granted funding, to seek and implement ideas from all colleagues, to improve staff welfare across the University. We received 51 ideas, 49 of which were eligible for consideration.

A working group of 6 Employee Representatives was established to agree how submissions should be structured and how colleagues could easily submit them. The campaign ran for 3 weeks with a deadline for submissions of 18th May 2018.

The Staff Forum is hugely grateful for the submissions colleagues made. We will continue to support colleagues in bringing their great ideas forward.

Thank you.



February 2019

Each project has now been well defined following consultation with staff at our monthly drop-in sessions. The details of each project are to be presented at the upcoming termly Staff Forum meeting on February 21st. We will seek to share the details and timelines as to when colleagues will be able to make use of these welfare initiatives.

Ideas for projects

Two themes emerged from submissions: requests to make more use of campus grounds and events & activities to meet with colleagues, feeling part of a larger community.

Insight gained in discussions with University partners from Human Resources and Estates & Facilities, indicated that some ideas were: already in progress, do not require funding or able to be realised faster and easier in other ways. Approximate costs and feasibility questions were also discussed and answered. Following this meeting, the shortlist was shared with all Employee Representatives for consultation.


Having presented recommendations to the University Executive Board, 7 projects comprising of 13 separate submissions received funding. The combined indicative cost of these will be £75,000.

As funding decisions have only recently been taken, until more in-depth discussions are held between colleagues who proposed the idea and those supporting its realisation, giving specific details now could be misleading.


Projects 1,2 & 3

Collectively these projects aim to: provide more seating, benching and tables for colleagues to meet and enjoy across all campus grounds. They also aim to improve access to some of the most scenic and relaxing areas of the University.

Projects 4 to 7

These exciting and innovative ideas require additional discussions with proposers and the implementation group.

These projects aim to: hold events and organise activities to meet with colleagues, feel part of a larger community and bring benefits to health or wellbeing. They are being developed on a University wide perspective, details will be announced following discussions and planning.


Criteria for Recommendation

The working group assessed all eligible ideas using five criteria, assigning a score of 1 (low) to 5 ( high) for each.

  • Value for money
  • Innovation
  • Ease of implementation
  • Number of staff that may benefit
  • Longevity of the project

Criteria were created and agreed ahead of the submission deadline.

Proposer’s names were omitted during scoring. Scores were averaged across the 6 Employee Representatives. Where potential conflict of interest may have occurred with an individual in the group, the idea was scored by a third party using the same criteria.

This process produced a shortlist of 25 ideas. Recommended projects to improve staff welfare comprised of ideas from the shortlist. The majority of recommended projects comprise of similar, separate ideas.