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Energy and carbon savings in the Science and Technology Centre

A recently completed project at the Science & Technology Centre, Earley Gate, has replaced three large ‘chiller units’ and associated plant with a considerably more efficient solution.  This was prompoted by the UK’s drive to phase out some older refrigerant types by 2015, which have high greenhouse gas impacts, and has provided the opportunity to install vastly more efficient alternatives.

The replacement units are expected to produce a saving in electricity charges to the Science & Technology Building of approximately £26,000 per annum.  Importantly though, this refurbishment will also result in a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions from the building, in the order of 127,000 kg CO2 per annum, representing a 44% reduction in the current footprint of this particular system.

This project complements other work performed within the building over recent years to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs.  Such activities have included the replacement of pumps, installation of energy-efficient lighting and modifications to the air-handling plant that services laboratory areas.  University communications relating to energy saving, are also actively promoted to tenants.  Even before this latest project was undertaken, such initiatives had resulted in a 17% reduction in electricity consumption from 2009 levels.

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