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First winners in Carrington ‘Beat the Battery’ Competition

The Carrington Building, home of the Students Services Team, has long been a leader in environmental sustainability on campus at the University of Reading. The building is heated via ground source heat pumps and has a large solar array on the roof. It has also been the focus of targeted behavioural interventions.

The Summer of 2013 saw the introduction of a new competition to the building – ‘Beat the Battery’. Building occupants were invited to take part in the competition that focussed on minimising day time electrical energy use. To begin the project, a survey of the building established the baseload day time energy consumption. This provided the capacity of the battery. Following this, the battery capacities were posted on a web page (see below) alongside the rate of energy use within each area. The battery discharged according to the rate of energy use until the end of a day, when the percentage left over was awarded as a score. The scores were totalled over the week and the team with the highest score won.

So, congratulations ‘The Dependables’ we hope you enjoyed your ice cream!

2013-08-15 13_29_52-Energy Savings Challenge_ Carrington DSC_0024



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