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League of Extraordinary Recyclers!

Minghella is still holding on to the top spot with an impressive rate of 68% of their waste being recycled!  Greenlands and TOB2 have moved into 2nd and 3rd and Whiteknights House just piped to the post by TOB2 by 1%!    Not bad for this time of year but we really need to be recycling more across the board, these figures are all based on weight – so make sure that you check out the website for what can and can’t be recycled, print off the posters to display next to bins and ensure that everyone knows where their nearest recycling bin is.  If you don’t have one – let us know!

Recycling League Table
Recycling League Table


Full Results – Recycling League Table – Nov

1st Minghella 68%

2nd Greenlands 56%

3rd TOB2 49%


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