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Saving energy taking the bus

The trip to Greenlands Campus from Whiteknights would normally be an automatic journey in the car. I wouldn’t fancy cycling it and the train is not direct. The other option would be to take the bus. I’d always considered this to be too slow and not frequent enough to meet the need for a quick visit to Henley. However, since I was doing a Green Impact audit today I thought I would make the effort, plan the journey and find out how practical it was.

I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing was the departure point, East Friars Street in Reading town centre, about ten minute cycle form campus. The fare was also very reasonable at only £5.20 for a return journey. This must be at least half the price of a car journey. When I got on the bus I found it to be about half full, meaning the route must be fairly efficient on a carbon basis. We left Reading at just after quarter past 1 and arrived at Greenlands at 1400. The bus drops you off just outside the rear gate so is very convenient.

The meeting was planned around the bus schedule, and Greenlands did well to get a gold Green Impact award, I had plenty of time to catch the 1517 return trip. Again no problems and I was back in reading town centre by 1600. All in all a good experience.

Kate came with me and bought the Brompton. No problem with this on the bus. She decided to cycle back to Henley station and catch the train back home. She found a nice route that involved a short cycle to cross the river at Hambledon and then follow the cycle path back to the town centre. I guess it helped that it was a sunny March afternoon but it certainly beat the car!

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