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Recycling League dominated by Catering!

Catering departments are dominating the top spots now that they are part of the Recycling League with CPU recycling a staggering 74% of their waste so far this year – a fantastic result! Keep it up!

Some other high achievers over the last couple of months are MERL and Wantage Hall (catering) who have increased their recycling figure by 12% and 10% respectively, well done to you and lets hope to see you climbing up the ranks next time too.

We’ve also seen a general rise in recycling within building and departments of between 2% and 4% overall over the last couple of months which is great news and if we all keep up the effort we will hopefully hit our target of 60%.

Still a lot to do though – please let know if there are any recycling issues that you notice or if you have any ideas about increasing recycling in your area please get in touch.

Happy recycling! The Sustainability Team

Collage of UoR bins

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