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Green Impact 2013/14

Here’s the news we’ve all been waiting to hear: the results of the Green Impact Awards 2013/14! It’s been another busy year with a record number of entries. Some of the highlights include the School of Construction Management & Engineering, Institute of Education – Technical Team and 2 new UPP teams joining the awards.

The awards ceremony will be held on 9th May in the Meadow Suite. We were going to hold the suspense until the day, but we couldn’t hold it off any longer so we wanted to publish the results on our blog. You can view the League Table, ready to be communicated in your own unique way, by following this link: Green impact awards

The next couple of weeks will see the Sustainability Team working hard to review the criteria for the awards. There has been a huge number of gold awards this year so we are aiming to make this more challenging, more rewarding and more measurable for the coming year. We are also working with our lab based colleagues to improve the ‘Labs Criteria’. Since labs are contribute significantly to our environmental impacts and energy use, we want to do all we can to help reduce the impact and improve energy efficiency. If you have any suggestions regarding the Green Impact Award criteria, please feel free to reply and comment.

The next round of awards will launch at the awards ceremony on 9th May. We have already had some interest from new teams and hope to retain all of the existing teams from this year. We also have some fresh ideas about reporting back energy and waste data and involving students throughout the process, rather than just for auditing purposes at the end. All in all, 2014/15 looks to be an exciting year as we push towards hitting our 35% carbon reduction target!

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