We realise this website provides a lot of information and may raise a lot of questions!
We've tried to cover the basics here, however if you have further queries please contact us using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. Why is there no data for a certain building?

Our new Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) has only been implemented in the past year for electricity consumption. This means not all buildings have AMR, or have very little data due to the upgrade occurring so recently. For buildings without AMR, meter readings are still taken manually and so no live data is available. Longer term data can be requested however by contacting our Energy Analyst.

If you are referring to the Waste section of this site, the buildings listed in the Recycling League are an amalgamation of smaller buildings in some cases, as they share waste terminals. If you would like a breakdown of this please contact our Waste Gurus.

Q. How do I request utility data for academic purposes?

If you would like to view or download a copy of our data for personal use, use our request form to get a username and password to our online portal.

Please bear in mind a lot of our profile (live) metering has been installed in recent years, so for some buildings we do not have a large backlog of data available.
If you notice a problem with any of our building level meters, please let us know using our energy contact form.

Q. Why is there no building level data for the London Road and Henley, Greenlands campuses?

At the present time, Automatic Meter Readings (AMR) is only fully implemented across Whiteknights campus. It is being slowly introduced at London Road campus but both there and Henley, Greenlands campus have highly complex electricity supply distributions due to their age and locations. 

Q. Why is there a significant decline in total waste between 2011/12 and 2012/13?

In this period, the University of Reading passed responsibility of all Halls of Residence to UPP. This dramatically reduced the recorded waste by 2012/13. See our Waste Information PDF for details. A more realistic expectation in change in waste levels can be drawn from comparing years subsequent to this event.

Q. Why is there no data for heating, gas, water or sustainable travel on the website?

This website is a working progress and still in its infancy. AMR for heat consumption is installed in the majority of buildings across Whiteknights and so will soon be added to the website as live data similar to the electricity consumption sections already on the website.

The 2015/16 Travel Survey has been analysed and is also being prepared for the website. Key findings will be shared as well as infographics similar to the Recycling League section.

Water consumption data is the most complex for us to track and so we have delayed adding this to our site. We intend to add it as soon as possible. If you have questions in regards to water please contact our Energy Analyst.

Q. Why can I not see known high/low consuming buildings on the Comparison Tracker?

As with any system, AMR is not perfect. Occasionally automated half-hourly readings are not uploaded to our server and so until we spot the problem the Comparison Tracker's feed will show buildings with data as the highest or lowest consumers. This is true to the data available at the time of viewing, but may not be the reality. For a building to be considered in the bar graphs it must have 75% of daily meter readings in the specified 4 week period. In addition, for the Most Improved bar graph readings must be present for the first and last day of the period.

To help us keep this section accurate let us know if you think the feed is displaying incorrect buildings by contacting our Energy Analyst.

Q. Why is there missing or strange data for the building I'm looking at?

AMR is a complex system, but it is not perfect. Sometimes readings are not loaded to our system immediately, so require us to inspect it to solve the problem. If you spot any significant amount of missing data please contact us by using the energy contact form.

Similarly, sometimes AMR gets it wrong causing erratic spikes to appear on the graphs you see. But there is a chance that this isn't the fault of AMR and the consumption of your building needs inspection, so please contact us in this scenario also.

Q. Why won't the link work?

If you find a link on our site that isn't working or takes you to an incorrect page let us know and we will point you in the right direction and fix the problem. Sometimes we've put links in place ready for our latest blog posts so it's worth trying again later.

Q. How can I help Sustainability Services?

Turn off electrical items as and when possible (as long as its safe to do so!) and let us know if you spot something we can do to make our campuses more green- even if its something small. Tweet us, comment on our Facebook page or email us and we'll get on it.

If you're looking for something more in-depth and challenging, check out our Get Involved section on the Home Page to join our events and schemes.


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