Turnitin: What doesn’t the Similarity Report show?

  • Any images, drawings, diagrams or plans included in your assignment will not be picked up by the Similarity Report, as these aren’t text, but they still need to be referenced.
  • If you have expressed someone else’s opinions, ideas, theories or concepts in your assignment, even if you have paraphrased them, they still need to be referenced.
  • The full text of printed books and journal articles are not always part of the Turnitin database. Even if they don’t get highlighted as a match in your assignment, make sure they are referenced. Your tutor will not just be relying on Turnitin when considering plagiarism. These sources may, however, be represented from matched text in other students’ previously submitted assignments.

Make sure you are following the correct referencing style specified by your tutor.  If you’re not sure check with them.

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