Turnitin: What is a Similarity Report?

Turnitin can produce a report on your submitted assignment that shows matches to text found on websites, journal articles and previously submitted work from other students (when your lecturer has enabled this). This is called a Similarity Report. While it usually takes a few minutes to generate the Similarity Report after you have submitted your work, it can take longer at busy periods.

This report can be used to help you:

  1. improve your academic writing skills, and
  2. check you have correctly cited your sources.

The Similarity Report does not attempt to judge whether plagiarism has occurred. It only highlights text that matches another source. A decision of plagiarism remains to the academic judgment of your tutors.

Being able to see the Similarity Report for your submitted work can help you to understand and avoid plagiarism, by ensuring your work is referenced correctly and all of your sources are properly acknowledged. Knowing how to interpret the report will allow you to see what changes you might need to make to your work as a result.

Watch these videos for advice on how to best interpret the Turnitin Similarity Report to improve your academic writing:

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