Online Exams: checking that your submission was successful

As with coursework, you are responsible for ensuring that you have uploaded the right document to the correct exam submission point, and for ensuring that your work has been uploaded successfully by the stated deadline for that exam.

How to check what you have submitted

Turnitin assignments

Turnitin assignments – important change (August 2022 onwards)

When you submit to a Turnitin assignment, you will not be emailed a receipt, but should download your receipt immediately after submission.

Check: was my Turnitin submission successful

Blackboard Tests

You will not receive an email receipt when you submit to a Blackboard Test.

Immediately after submitting you will be able to see the answers you submitted.

To do this, click on OK at the bottom of the screen

Blackboard Test submitted - click OK to review your submission

For MCQ and short answer questions you will see the answers you provided.

View submitted answer to MCQ question

For File Response questions you will be able to see the file you uploaded.

View file uploaded to a File Response question

If you believe there was a problem with your submission, you should email immediately, including or attaching the answers you intended to submit.

Please note: you will only be able to view your answers immediately after submission.

Gradescope assignments

Gradescope Variable-length assignments

You will receive an email receipt each time you submit to a Gradescope variable-length assignment (used for almost all Gradescope exams).

After submitting your work, you will need to tag the pages you uploaded – see ‘Tagging pages’ on our Gradescope help page.
This gives you an opportunity to check that you have uploaded the correct document.

If you spot an error with your submission, you can make a new submission to the assignment, unless the time limit has elapsed.

If you believe there was a problem with your submission, and the time limit has elapsed, you should email immediately, attaching the paper you intended to submit.

Gradescope Online assignments

You will not not get an email receipt when submitting to a Gradescope Online assignment (these are used for a very small number of exams).

Blackboard assignments

Check: was my Blackboard submission successful

You will receive an email receipt for each Blackboard assignment submission you make.

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