Turnitin: Create a Grading form

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Helpful tip!Turnitin Grading Forms are simple rubrics that allow an instructor to give free-form feedback (and, optionally, scores) against a predefined set of criteria.

Setting up a Grading Form

To set up a Grading Form, go into any Turnitin assignment.

Navigate to the Settings/Optional Settings, then Launch Rubric Manager.

Click on the menu icon, top left, and choose Create new grading form.

screen shot of Assignment Settings- Optional Settings section with the Rubric Manager window open.  the "the Create New Grading Form" is selected from the Rubric Manager menu.


Provide a title for your grading form.

Screen shot of the top of the Rubric Manager showing the name text box for the new Grading form.


Enter a title for each criterion (this title can be up to 30 characters long), and a description.

Screen shot of rubric manager with the grade form criteria added.


Click on either of the + signs to add criteria.


Click on the bin icon to delete a criterion.


If you will be assigning marks against each criterion, leave the Enable scoring box ticked.


Untick this box if you are providing only qualitative feedback.

Press Save to save the form.

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