EMA Integration: Assessment Provisioning Exceptions – Invalid Assessment Title

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The Assessment title contains characters which are not permitted.

Shown on the daily Assessment Provisioning Exceptions report as per this example

Exception SITS
Invalid Assessment Title Group project: written report / case study


You will need to amend the assessment title in RISIS, so that the relevant column / assessment can be created in Blackboard.


The Assessment Title field in RISIS allows up to 120 characters.

When setting up assessments in RISIS please note:

The Assessment Title field allows up to 120 characters.

You can use a range of non-alphanumeric characters where required to make the assessment name clearer e.g.

  • hyphen –
  • ampersand &
  • brackets ( )
  • full stop .
  • comma ,

You cannot use any non-alphanumeric characters which are not allowed in Windows filenames:

  • colon :
  • back slash \
  • forward slash /
  • less than <
  • greater than >
  • colon :
  • double quote “
  • vertical bar or pipe |
  • question mark ?
  • asterisk *


Important information!
Please see full details in the PDF guide Sub_Modular_Assessment_Title_Naming_Conventions which can be found in the RISIS Helpdesk under EMA - Sub Modular Assessment > How do I add or amend module assessment title? 


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