YuJa – Classroom Lecture Capture

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Redirects to https://sites.reading.ac.uk/tel-support-test/2022/05/25/yuja-for-classroom-capture/

You will be able to record your live classroom lectures in YuJa.

List of Classrooms already set up for recording.

To record your lecture, simply login to the classroom computer, launching any slides or applications you will need for teaching, and choose one of the following routes:

Record through the Desktop App

Open the YuJa Software Capture application from the Desktop.

YuJa Software Capture application

If prompted, sign in using your University of Reading credentials (ab123456@reading.ac.uk)

YuJa app single sign on prompt

Access YuJa via Blackboard

Sign in to Blackboard.

Open the module you are teaching.

Click the YuJa link in the module menu to open your media library.

Then click on Create Recording at the top of the screen, and either record in the the Browser or in the Desktop App – see Recording Your Videos.


You will be able to use the Room Microphone and the Screen to record slides and audio-visual as needed.

In rooms where Learning Capture Microphones are installed, ensure that ‘Dante USB Receive‘ has been selected as the audio input.

Once saved, the recording will upload to your Media Library for processing, where you can edit it and share with the module by Publishing to your Channel