Getting started with YuJa

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YuJa authenticates users via Single Sign On (SSO), in the same way as other university services like Blackboard and

Log into Blackboard

To activate your YuJa account, log in via Blackboard.

Please ensure “Third party cookies” are allowed in browser settings. In Chrome or Edge you will need to select “Allow all cookies“. If using Safari please also ensure “Prevent Cross site Tracking” is disabled.

Any member of staff can log into Blackboard with their university email address ( and password via
You do not need to be a module convenor or regular Blackboard user to log in this way.

If you are already an instructor on a Blackboard module, skip to Click a YuJa link.

If you have your own Practice Course, skip to Create a YuJa Tool Link, otherwise continue below.

Create a Practice Course

If you do not have a Blackboard module in which to create a link, or do not wish to use a live Blackboard module, you can create a Practice Course.

Practice courses are sandbox areas within Blackboard where you can practise creating content without worrying about accidentally posting to a live Blackboard module.

To do this, select a course where you would like to create a YuJa link and check you have Edit Mode switched on.

edit mode switched on in Blackboard

In the left-hand Content Menu, click the + icon (Add Menu Item) and select ‘Tool Link’ from the menu.

Select ‘YuJa Video’ from the dropdown menu and give your Tool link a name. If you’re creating this in a Blackboard module which you plan to use for teaching, ensure that you give it a recognisable name (such as YuJa Video).

Add Tool Link menu with Tool dropdown open and YuJa Video option highlighted

To activate your YuJa account, you will need to click a YuJa link in a Blackboard module.

If you’re teaching on a 22/23 (or later) Blackboard Module, then a YuJa area, containing a YuJa link and additional support materials, will have been added to your course menu automatically. If you do not see a YuJa area in your 22/23 Blackboard Module, please contact DTS.

Clicking a YuJa Tool Link for the first time will activate your account. This will open within Blackboard and you may be asked to authenticate.

Once your account is created, you will be able to access your My Media area, Channels and videos that have been shared with you.

Clicking a YuJa Tool Link in a Blackboard module will create a Channel for that module (unless one has already been created).

Creating a Channel

The first time you click a YuJa Tool Link in a Blackboard Module it will create a Channel for that Module.

A Channel is a playlist to which you can Publish videos in YuJa, as well as embedding them in your Blackboard Module. You should create a Channel in this way for each of your Modules.

When a student clicks a YuJa link in a Module, it will take them to the Module’s Channel in YuJa.

It is recommended that you publish Classroom Capture recordings to your Module’s Channel, rather than embedding them in your Blackboard Module, to prevent them being shared with the new cohort on your module on Course Rollover.

Your account is ready to use

Once you have created your account in YuJa, embedded videos should recognise your credentials as long as you are signed into to SSO, however you may be asked to ‘authenticate’ to view a video.

You will be able to upload videos and record directly in the browser without needing to download any additional software, as well as initiating Classroom Capture recordings.

If you wish to download the YuJa Software Capture Application, to familiarise yourself with Classroom Capture, you can do so from the Software Centre or via Company Portal, depending on your device. See the DTS Knowledge Base article How to install YuJa Learning Capture Software Capture App (desktop).

Account creation via

It is possible to activate your account by accessing directly and logging in with your university credentials ( via Single Sign On. If you activate your account in this way, your account will automatically be given the role of student. We do not recommend activating your account via