Mobility Students and Blackboard access

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About this guide: This guide has been prepared to explain the process of Blackboard access for intercampus Mobility students especially between UK to UoRM.

Generally when the students are moving from Malaysia to the UK campus, they will not have their Malaysia Module access unless requested. However, the ‘one year’ mobility will not have any problem as the students will not require any MA module access for that year. But in the case of ‘term-based’ mobility, they will surely need the access for the MA versions in BB.

For instance if there are 6 modules in a year, and a student is moving from UoRM to UK for the Term 2, then there will be modules that are taught during Term 1 in UoRM which is surely needed by the student to access in BB for assignment submission, exams, etc. The same is the case with the students moving from UK to Malaysia as well.

What to do if a student needs access to both UK and UoRM modules:

Please raise a support ticket via Self Service Portal. A manual intervention is required to enable access for both UK and UoRM module access.

Who should students or staff contact for advice:

  • Students or sraff in UoRM can contact Kannan Sankaran (Head of Business Systems Information Technology UoRM) for advice or assistance.
  • Students and staff in UK can contact ESAO (Erasmus & Study Abroad¬† office) for further advice. For contact details please visit hyperlink

Technical Information:

When mobility students move form Malaysia to UK, their enrolments in RISIS is updated to place them on suitable UK occurrences for the modules they are taking while in the UK.

If they are taken off the Malaysian MA occurrence of a module and switched to a a UK occurrence (usually ‘A’) of the same module, they will end up Disabled on the corresponding Malaysian module (e.g. module-22-3MA course) in Blackboard.

In case, if mobility students require access to both the Malaysian and UK courses for the module, we will have to manually re-enable the Disabled Malaysia-course enrolments for them, as there’s no smooth automatic process for this situation.

Study abroad students don’t receive a final award and therefore their records are closed down automatically when they reach the expected end date.

Note: The integration will of course only transfer marks to RISIS for the module occurrences on which the students are enrolled in RISIS.