Blackboard Content Collection

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The Blackboard Content Collection houses all the files which staff upload to courses and organisations. If you are an Instructor or Assistant on a course, you will have full access to the Content Collection folder for that course.

The Institution Content area contains folders for Schools and support functions. Permissions to these folders are managed individually. If there is an area which you need access to, ask colleagues in your School or Support Centre (for instance your SDTL or Senior Programme Administrator); or log a Service Desk ticket.

How do I find the Content Collection?

Go to Tools on the main Blackboard navigation menu, and choose Content Collection.

Link to the Content Collection from the Blackboard navigation menu


How do I manage existing content?

Delete content

Tick the box to select one or more files, then press Delete.

Delete files from the Content Collection

Edit permissions

Files and folders may be

  • Private – not shared
  • Shared with some users
  • Public – shared with everyone, even users without a Blackboard account.

Permissions icons in the Content Collection

To edit permissions for a file or folder, click on the relevant icon in the Permissions column.

Then tick the box next to the sharing permission and press Delete to remove those permissions.

Delete sharing permissions

Download files

Tick the relevant boxes to download an individual file, multiple files, or all files.

Then press Download Package.

Download files from the Content Collection

Whether selecting one file or many, Blackboard will zip up your files to download them, retaining the folder structure.

Move files to another location

Select the content you want to move, then press Move.

Select content to move

This opens a new page. In the DESTINATION section, click on the Browse button.

Moving files in the Content Collection - Browse button

A smaller window opens. Now Browse to find the folder that you want to move your content to.

Browse Content Collection locations

Once you have found the right place, select the radio button next to its name, then press Submit.

Select destination folder

When you have selected the new location, you are returned to the main window; press Submit one more time.