Blackboard Assignment: Release marks and feedback to students

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How to hide and reveal the assignment

When you create any kind of assessment in Blackboard, a column is automatically added in the Grade Centre. By default, a Blackboard Assignment is visible to students unless the box beside ‘Show to students in My Grades’ was un-ticked when setting up the assignment.

To hide an assignment whilst marking and moderation is taking place or reveal feedback to students after marking has been completed:


  1. Go to Course menu -> Control Panel -> Grade Centre -> Full Grade Centre

Control Panel with Full Grade Centre link highlighted

  1. Find the column for the assignment you want to hide and open the contextual menu for it

Dropdown Chevron next to Assignment Title in Grade Centre

  1. In the Menu, choose ‘Hide from Students (on/off)

Dropdown Chevron next to Assignment Title in Grade Centre

  1. You will know an assignment is hidden from students when the ‘Column not visible to students’ symbol Hide from students on/off symbolappears next to the assignment name.

Column hidden from students symbol Assignment Title in Grade Centre

  1. To reveal the grades, repeat the same process and make sure the icon is not there.
Important information!
This is a manual process. If an an Assignment is a Blackboard Assignment, the Grade Centre column must be revealed to be visible to students in My Grades. Turnitin Assignments will automatically unhide the column once the Post-Date is reached.