• Gradescope: Programming Assignments

    Suitable for use where students have to submit computer code. See the Gradescope guide Programming Assignments.

  • Gradescope: Adjusting marks for “best out of” exams

    How to manage “best out of” Gradescope exams and other assessments, where students can answer all of the questions, but are only the best x marks are counted. Example: Section A (compulsory) and Section B (best x answers out of y questions – e.g. best 2 out of 4). How…

  • Gradescope: Adjusting marks where students have a choice of questions

    How to manage the marks for Gradescope exams and other assessments where students can choose which questions to answer. e.g. Students answer 2 out of 4 questions. A mark will need to be entered in Gradescope for each question – including those not answered. If using Positive marking enter 0…

  • Mode of Submission: Gradescope coursework

    Type of Submission Mode of submission to select in RISIS What’s provisioned on Blackboard Channel for feedback Mark Entry Gradescope Gradescope Coursework Weighted Total Column Gradescope Gradescope Mode of Submission to use where a Gradescope assignment is being used for coursework. Further guidance Gradescope

  • Gradescope: providing access for external examiners

    Introduction If you enrol external examiners onto a course with the External Examiner role, they should be able to access Gradescope assessments for that course, but you may need to edit their permissions in Gradescope – see Setting the external examiner’s permissions. The easiest way for them to access Gradescope…

  • Gradescope: A Guide for External Examiners

    Introduction Gradescope is an assessment tool which has been used since 2021 for exams and coursework in a limited number of subjects. Most Gradescope exams are of the ‘Homework / Problem Set’ type – students generally write their answers by hand on paper, then scan their work and upload it to…

  • Gradescope – adjusting marks for “answer x out of y” exams

    e.g. exams where students answer 2 out of 4 questions. Marks can only be sent to Blackboard when Gradescope is showing grading is 100% complete. Therefore a mark has to be entered for each question – including those not answered. If using Positive marking enter 0 for the unanswered questions….

  • Gradescope: submitting on behalf of a student

    If necessary you can submit on behalf of a student, regardless of whether they have already made a submission to the Gradescope assignment. See the Gradescope help page Can I submit work for my students as an instructor?

  • Gradescope: Sync the Roster

    When should I Sync the Roster? Synching the Roster updates the membership of a Gradescope course so that it matches the corresponding Blackboard course. You do not have to Sync the Roster in order for students to be able to submit to Gradescope – when they click on a Gradescope…

  • Gradescope: Copying Rubrics

    You can copy a Rubric from one question to another – in the same assignment, or in any assignment in any course where you are the Instructor. See the Gradescope guide Importing rubrics