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Accessing Central University Video Resources in YuJa

You can access central university video resources (such as Library or Study Advice guides) via the Shared area within YuJa. Click a YuJa link in any Blackboard module, or visit reading.yuja.com directly and access the Shared area (where you can find the Channels for your modules). Central video resources are stored under the ‘Shared Folders’ …

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Uploading to YuJa

What can you upload to YuJa? Videos you’ve made in another program, such as PowerPoint or Camtasia. Items from previous years which are useful to this year’s students, e.g. videos originally stored in Microsoft Stream. See YuJa’s help article for a list of supported file types which can be uploaded to YuJa (opens in a …

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Assessment with YuJa

There are 2 main ways in which YuJa can be used for assessment Video assignments – students upload their video files to YuJa and then submit them for assessment via a Blackboard assignment, Blog, Journal, Wiki or Discussion Board . YuJa quizzes – inserting quiz questions into your YuJa video.  

YuJa for Classroom Capture

The steps in this article cover use of the YuJa Software Capture application. Although this article is Classroom Capture focused, you can also follow these steps to use the YuJa Software Capture application to record Personal Capture content, however we would recommend considering other options prior to choosing this tool for Personal Capture. For further …

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YuJa Accessibility

YuJa has a variety of accessibility features that are applied to your video automatically on upload. You can also improve the accessibility of your YuJa videos depending on the needs of your students. For information on accessibility features on the player, see the YuJa support article Accessibility Features in the Media Player. The Accessibility Tab You …

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YuJa Quizzes

Creating quizzes YuJa quizzes are a way of making your video content interactive by allowing you to insert reflective questions. This lets students test their understanding of the topic, or allows time for students to pause and consider further information. You may also choose to use quizzes as a form of formative or summative assessment, …

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Getting started with YuJa

YuJa authenticates users via Single Sign On (SSO), in the same way as other university services like Blackboard and office.com. Log into Blackboard To activate your YuJa account, log in via Blackboard. Please ensure “Third party cookies” are allowed in browser settings. In Chrome or Edge you will need to select “Allow all cookies“. If …

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