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Blackboard Request Forms

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Blackboard Courses

If you wish to be enrolled on the Blackboard course for a Module or Programme please contact

  • the Module Convenor
  • or staff in your Support Centre

In case of any issues, please log a ticket with the Service Desk.

Course Copy Request Form – if you wish to copy content from an existing course area to a different Blackboard course.


Merged and Supplementary Courses (formerly Shared Courses)

What are Merged and Supplementary courses?

Course Copy Request Form – if you wish to copy your existing shared course to a Merged or Supplementary Course for the next academic year.

For the Source type, choose Shared, Merged or Supplementary as appropriate; for the Destination type choose Merged or Supplementary as required.

Request a new Merged Course – if you wish to use a new shared course area in Blackboard to replace a number of RISIS modules or programmes.

Request a Supplementary Course – if you wish to use a new shared course area in Blackboard in addition to a number of RISIS modules or programmes.

View Shared Course Codes – if you wish to check which RISIS codes relate to your Merged or Supplementary course.



Organisation Request Form – if you wish to request a Blackboard Organisation, for supporting student learning not associated with a single RISIS module or programme.
This form also allows you to request the automatic enrolment of students based on their RISIS programme/module registration.

View codes for Blackboard Organisations – if you wish to check which Programmes / Modules / cohorts have students automatically enrolled onto an Organisation.


Batch Enrolment (Students)

Request batch enrolment for a course/organisation – if you need to enrol a batch of users onto a Blackboard course/organisation that is not listed and maintained in RISIS.


Annual Course Rollover

Details of Course Rollover for the most recent academic year

The default position is that any RISIS module or programme

  • which was used in Blackboard in the current academic year (i.e. in 2020-21)
  • and is scheduled to run again in the new academic year (i.e. in 2021-22)

will be automatically copied forward as part of Course Rollover.

You can check if your course is already scheduled to be copied by searching the Course Copy Status page.


To request Rollover for other types of course, please use the Course Copy Request Form and select the appropriate option.

See the Course Rollover page for full information.


If you do not see the form you require, or if you would like advice before submitting a request, please log a ticket through the DTS  Self Service Portal or use the ‘Ask a Question’ link above.