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Important information when multiple staff are involved in marking

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Important information where multiple staff are involved in marking

When you create a Turnitin Rubric, this is added to your personal Rubric Library.

If you attach the Rubric to a specific assignment, then anyone involved in marking that assignment in the Blackboard course will be able to view the Rubric and use it when providing feedback – but it remains only in your Library.

If you go into the Edit Assignment > More Options screen and you were not the person who attached the Rubric, at the bottom of the screen under the ‘Attach a rubric/form to this assignment’ drop-down menu, you can see the title of the rubric that was attached by someone else.

Access Rubrics in Feedback Studio
Click the Rubric/Form button to use a Rubric when marking in the Feedback Studio


  • DO NOT change the rubric that has been attached if marking has started and feedback has already been entered into the rubric.
  • You can safely submit any other changes to the assignment settings without it affecting the Rubric and any feedback already entered.
  • If someone else has already attached a Rubric, you will still be able to see and use the rubric when you open a paper to start marking.

Even if you have a copy of the exact same Rubric in your Library, attaching this will detach the original copy – and remove any feedback already provided using that Rubric.

Turnitin shows a warning message if you attempt to change the rubric:

rubric already attached


We recommend that on each Blackboard course one person – either the Module Convenor or Course Administrator – is given the responsibility of attaching an appropriate Rubric or Marking Form, and no other staff member should change the Rubric settings.