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Blackboard Learn Ultra is the new, enhanced version of Blackboard Learn, our university Virtual Learning Environment. It retains aspects that you are familiar with but has a more usable and intuitive interface, and introduces new features and functionality – things that we know you have been asking for. See the Blackboard Learn Ultra Project site for more details.

We have been using Ultra base navigation since 2021/2 academic year.  Ultra course view will be adopted for Organisation is 2023/4 and for Courses in 2024/5.

Ultra course view

screenshot of Ultra course view

To look at the course in detail we will take tour of each section.

  • Navigation bar (Top menu)
  • Details Actions (left-hand side menu)
  • Course Content (Centre page)

At the top of each course there is a Navigation bar each tab will open a tool.  The course will open with Content selected by default.

Navigation Bar tools are Content, Calendar, Announcements, Discussions, Gradebook, Messages and Analytics.


The course will open in Course Content.  This is where all the materials are displayed. Materials are organised in Learning Modules which negates the need for a course menu. Each Learning Module is the equivalent of a Content area in Bb Learn original.

screenshot of original menu and Ultra course content side by side.

  • Calendar – This tab will open the Blackboard Calendar, which can also be accessed from the Blackboard menu, the Calendar functionality has not changed.
  • Announcements – This tool will allow you to create Announcements. Any Announcements created on the course will be listed here.
  • Discussions – Any Discussions created on the course will be listed here
  • Gradebook – This is an alterative to the current Grades Centre. For an overview see the Blackboard help page Navigate Grading.
  • Messages – Messages is a function replacing Email.  Students can only receive and not send messages.  Any messages emailed to students will be recorded here.
  • Analytics – This tab is not visible to students. It links to some reports that will link to activity and analytics on the course.

Details Actions

  • Class register – List of users enrolled on the course see our guide Manage and enrol users.
  • Course/Organisation Groups – Create and manage Groups on the course, Blackboard Help Groups.
  • Progress Tracking – Students can see which materials they have view, they can mark them as read.  Instructors can see how students are progressing through the material.
  • Organisation Image – Set the image for your course banner.
  • Organisation OpenMake your course private or open to students.
  • Class Collaborate – Opens a Collaborate course room, a permanently open Collaborate session.
  • Books and Tools – Link to LTI tools available in Content Market
  • Question Banks – Pool of questions for use in Tests and Assignments, Blackboard Help Guide on Question Banks.
Updated on August 23, 2023

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