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Ultra: Release Content to Students

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To control what students can see and when you can use a number of functions in Learn Ultra courses.

Make your course/organisation available or open

All new Ultra courses will be hidden from students, marked as private, by default.  When you are ready to allow students access to the Organisation you can make the course available.

Availability Visible to students

Each new item uploaded, copied or created in the Course Content will appear hidden from students/participants by default.  This can be changed easily using the Availability menu.

screenshot of availability menu.

Alternatively this can be done as a batch using Batch Edit – Visible to Students.

Availability by Membership

Stipulate which students can access particular items by using Release Conditions.

Availability by Date

Stipulate the date and time students can see items by using Release Conditions.

Availability by Performance

Stipulate a level of achievement in a specific assessment by using Release Conditions.

Forced Sequence

Stipulate the order in which students can view items in a Learning Module by using Forced Sequence.

For files students will need to open them, videos they will need to play them and assessment they will need to post of submit to them.





Updated on August 23, 2023

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