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Blackboard Learn Ultra Organisations: An Overview

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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA 

Blackboard Learn Ultra is the new, enhanced version of Blackboard Learn, our university Virtual Learning Environment. It retains aspects that you are familiar with but has a more usable and intuitive interface, and introduces new features and functionality – things that we know you have been asking for. See the Blackboard Learn Ultra Project site for more details.


Ultra Organisations

All Organisations will be using Blackboard Learn Ultra from the start of 2023/4.

See Migrating to Blackboard Learn Ultra Organisations on the TEL website.

Questions about the process? see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Steps for moving to an Ultra Organisation

  • Step 1: Request an Ultra Organisation
  • Step 2: Attend our training
  • Step 3: Build your Ultra Organisation
  • Step 4: When complete, make the Ultra Organisation visible to students.


Step 1

  Request an Ultra Organisation

Please complete request from to create a new Ultra Organisation: Request an Ultra Organisation

Before submitting a request, speak with members of your department responsible for current organisations, to avoid duplicate requests.

  Organisation Template

The organisation will be created using a template based on your Organisation type (i.e. departmental ‘briefcase’, External Examiner organisation etc.).

These templates have been developed with the purpose of providing a level of consistency for students.

If you have an Organisation that does not require one of these templates a blank Organisation will be provided.


Step 2

  Attend Training

There is training and support available, please check UoR Learn for training sessions.

Current Sessions:

TEL: Blackboard Learn Ultra – Organisation Briefing (Webinar)

Please attend the Briefing session or watch the Briefing recording, before attending the Workshop.

TEL: Blackboard Learn Ultra – Organisation Workshop


Step 3

   Customise your Organisation

When you open your new Organisation there are a few things you will need to customise.

  • Add additional staff to Organisation
  • Set your Primary Instructors
  • Add an Organisation Image
  • Turn on Progress Tracking

Please see our guide Customise your Organisation for step by step guidance on this.

  Build an Ultra Organisation

Populate the new Ultra Organisation with material ready for students by uploading new materials and/or copying from your current organisation.

There are a number of ways to add content to your new Organisation; there will be support and training to help you through this process.

  • Copy Content
  • Build Content from scratch

The best place to start is our guide Building Content in Ultra Learn.


Step 4

Open your Organisation to Students

Your template will be created with the automatic enrolments you have requested already enrolled, it will by default be unavailable (Private) to students. While you are building your new Ultra Organisation it should remain private to students.

screenshot Original and Ultra Organisations icons

When you are ready, make your new Ultra Organisation available or Open to students.

Remember to make your original Organisation unavailable or Private.

Updated on August 22, 2023

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