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Ultra: Add Content – Copy Content

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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA

When building your Ultra course or organisation, you can copy content from any other course or organisation where you are enrolled as Instructor / Leader or Assistant.

This video mentions some other functions please following for more details:

Copy Content

When adding content in a content area, hover over the divider line where you would like to add the content, then click on the plus icon to reveal the Add Content menu.

The second option on the Add Content menu is Copy Content.

Follow the steps:

  1. Find the relevant Organisation/Course
  2. Find the relevant Content Area
  3. Find the relevant files
  4. Copy Selected Files

Find the relevant Organisation

Selecting Copy Content from the Add Content menu brings up a list of all the Courses and Organisations you are enrolled in with a staff role.

  • Toggle to top menu to Organisations
  • Find the source Organisation from which you wish to copy the content.
  • Or search for the Organisation using the search field at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of Copy Items page

If you select the Organisation from this level it will copy the whole Organisation, which is not recommended.

Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the Organisation name to drill down to the Organisation content.

Find the relevant Content Area

When you select the Organisation you wish to copy content from, it will open as a list of folders. Each folder is a Content Area (corresponding to a menu item) from the Original Organisation.

Click on the arrow on the far right of the content area you wish to copy files from.

Screen short of course items on Copy Items page

Find the relevant files

This will drill down to the next level, content within that specific Content Area (typically folders or items in the Original organisation).

Screen shot of Copy Content Page

  1. Select any files you wish to copy
  2. Use the link back to the Organisation to navigate back if necessary
  3. All the files you select will be added to the Items Selected section as you navigate around the folders.

NB The copy screen does not show which items are un/available in the Original organisation. It may help to have the source Organisation open on a second screen, so you can see exactly what needs to be copied.

Copy Selected Files

Once you are happy with all the files in the Items Selected section, press Start Copy.

For example – the content area from a course/organisation is selected and Start Copy clicked.

screen shot of copy content screen with a content area copied from a original course

The copy starts and a Copying Content wait screen will appear. This process will take longer if you are copying a lot of content,

screenshot of copying content wait screen.

The content items will be copied into the specified location, where you opened the Add Content menu.

A content area from an Original course will copy as a folder into an Ultra course.

Once in Ultra you can rearrange them or move/add them to Folders or Learning Modules.


Copying Folders

Selecting a folder will copy that folder and all of its contents.

Before doing this consider

  • Do you need the whole folder, or just the individual content items?
  • Will copying the folder mean that you have exceeded the maximum 3-level limit in your new Ultra course/organisation? If so the content will copy across, but the structure of the materials will be changed (see Nested Folders below).

In most cases it will probably be best to go into the folder and then select individual items to copy

Nested folders

If copying content would result in the folder levels exceeding the Ultra limit, all items are copied, but items which were in a folder are now placed immediately underneath the relevant copied folder.

Content types that can’t / shouldn’t be copied

Turnitin assignments

These would not copy correctly, so Blackboard does not display them in the list of content items that can be copied.

If needed, they should be set up from scratch in the Ultra Organisation.

SCORM units

These can be copied, but Blackboard doesn’t copy the Grade Centre settings or give any options to set the SCORM up in the Ultra Gradebook (to record student progress).

You will need to set them up from scratch in Ultra Organisation.

Make content visible to students

After copying content into your course or organisation, it will all be Hidden from students / participants – you can make items visible one by one, or use Batch Edit.

Batch Edit

With Learn Ultra it is possible to change multiple items from Hidden from students to Visible to students in a batch action.

See our guide Ultra: Batch Edit – Visible to Students.

For more information on Batch Edit in Ultra see the Blackboard Help page Batch Edit.


Updated on August 22, 2023

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