• Blackboard Collaborate: The Collaborate Courseroom

    The Collaborate Course Room Once you have enabled Collaborate on the course, a dedicated Collaborate ‘Course Room’ is created. This space is the default location for Collaborate sessions in that course. You can also make the Room available to people who are not enrolled on the course using Guest Access….

  • Blackboard Collaborate: Set up scheduled sessions

    In addition to the Collaborate Course Room, you can create any number of date-restricted sessions. You can choose different settings for each session you create. You can set up a series of re-occurring sessions at regular intervals The settings you choose are not constrained by the settings you applied to…

  • Blackboard Assignment: Set up an Assignment

    For summative assessments, where you have selected Blackboard Assignment as the Mode of Submission in RISIS, the EMA Integration will create the necessary assignment(s) in your course. See EMA Integration: Blackboard Assignment. Blackboard assignments can be set up to allow submissions by individual students or students working as a Group….