Turnitin: Using Roster Sync

When a Turnitin Assignment is created the names of the students enrolled on the Blackboard course automatically appear in the Assignment Inbox. As soon as a student makes a submission, their name and submission will appear in the Inbox. Occasionally, the names of students who have not accessed or submitted to the assignment are not listed in the Turnitin Inbox.   Recommendation: Perform a Roster Sync before:  – A Turnitin submission is due to refresh the list of student names.  – Uploading work on behalf of a student.  – Making use of the ‘Email non-submitters’ feature.    The Roster Sync button can be found in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox for any assignment. In your Blackboard course go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments. Select the assignment you wish to review from the list of Turnitin Assignments. Click Roster Sync Any student will be able to submit to the assignment even you cannot see their name listed in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox and Roster Sync has not been used.