Mediasite: Choosing a recording type

The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) opens displaying a number of options to get started. There are 6 options in total, but it is anticipated that you will mostly be looking to create videos, slideshow presentations with audio or video, or demonstrations of tasks using screencasts with audio or video.

The screenshot below shows the interface of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, the first stage is to name your presentation (if you hadn’t already through Blackboard) and to choose the type of recording you wish to create, the different types of recordings and their purposes are listed in the table below the screenshot.

The Mediasite Desktop Recorder Interface

Screencast + Audio

Select this option to create a screencast with voice narration. A screencast will record a video of your screen, or a section of your screen and will record everything that appears in the selected area.

You might use this option for:

  • demonstrating a piece of software with narration
  • recording something in your browser, such as a website with narration



Slideshow + Audio

Select this option to create a slideshow with voice narration. A slideshow will create a video from a PowerPoint slide where every slide is an image with a voice narration over the top.

You might use this option for:

  • recording a PowerPoint presentation with audio narration
  • recording a prezi or other non-PowerPoint slideshow tool.



Screencast + video This option is exactly the same as screencast + audio but will include a video feed from a webcam. This is good for including a personable, friendly touch to your video by having yourself as the presenter visible to students watching.






Slideshow + VideoSimilarly to screencast + video, this option allows you to record slides with audio narration whilst also having a video feed of the presenter from a webcam.






Video Only

If you are looking to create a video from a webcam this will be the option you should choose, this will not record the screen, but will capture video and audio.

You might use this for:

  • creating short welcome videos to your module
  • recording multiple presenters in a conversational or interview setup
  • producing a Vlog (video log) on topics that do not require slides



Audio Only

 This option will only record audio from your microphone.

You might use this for:

  • alternative formats for written informational topics
  • podcasting




Once you have selected a recording type, click Next to begin setting up your hardware. At this stage you might want to double check that you have plugged in your headset or webcam if you will be using them, if you don’t have this equipment but are using a laptop, it may be likely that they have a built in webcam and microphone that will manage, but for best results a separate headset is advisable.

Screenshot of the Mediasite desktop recorder interface with the next button highlighted.