Mediasite: Embedding a Mediasite video

Locating your presentation embed code

The final stage is creating a place that students will be able to find and view your presentation.

Find the Share presentation section of the options for your presentation, if you are on the presentation list page, find this by simply clicking on the title of your presentation, scrolling down to the bottom of the options and finding the Share presentation area towards the bottom right side of the page.

The share presentation button in the presentation options.

When you click on this button, a window will appear in the centre of your screen. There will be a quick link to copy that you can email to individual people, however the best way to share your presentation to students will be to embed it as an item on your Blackboard course.

From the three tabs underneath the quick link, select Embed, you will then be able to choose the presentation size, small or medium will probably be most suitable but you can go back and change this later on and grab a new embed code if you find your video to be too large or small on your Blackboard course.

Copy the Embed code, you will then need to leave the Mediasite area of Blackboard and go to your Blackboard course.

A screenshot of the embed tab and embed code of sharing your Mediasite presentation.

Embedding your presentation onto a Blackboard course

On your Blackboard course, find the area that you would like to embed your presentation. In this example, it will be inside the learning materials section, and will use an item object. You can create an item as its own entity or you can add it within another content folder. Using the Build content tool, select Create – > Item.

The create item option from the build content area on Blackboard.

On the content information section of creating an item, give the item a name that relates to your presentation so students will understand its purpose easily, and if you wish, a brief description of the purpose/context of the presentation.

Once you have filled out this information, locate the HTML button on the toolbar (see screenshot) click the button to open the editing HTML window.

The build content item area, with the HTML toolbar button circled.

Paste the embed code from your presentation into the HTML window and click update.

The pasted embed code of the presentation in the HTML code view window.

Once you have finished that, a yellow box will appear in the content information window, check your settings making sure that Permit users to view this content is set to Yes, and if you wish to have any date restrictions that these have been set.

If you are satisfied everything is correct, click Submit, at the bottom of the page and the item will appear in the content area of your Blackboard course with the presentation available for students to watch.

An embedded Mediasite presentation within an item on a Blackboard course.