Mediasite: Set up and access

There are several options for getting started with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder depending on the device you’ll be using to create video presentations. Choose from one of the three options below and complete the step 1-5 in the following sections:


A. Personal Capture Champion (PCC) provisioned laptops:

  • The laptops that are being provisioned as part of the Mediasite pilot to the champions will have the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) installed as part of the setup process.
    • When invited to collect your laptop (if you wish to have one) from IT Room 3, you will have to initially login to the laptop in the setup session, to allow your staff profile to be installed on the laptop and software installations or updates to take place.
    • If you anticipate that you will be inviting other colleagues in your department to use Mediasites for personal capture using the PCC Laptop, make sure to have a conversation with a TEL member to ensure that they can enable this to be possible.

B. University provisioned office desktop or laptop computers:

  • If you would like to use the MDR on your office desktop computer, you will need to provide us with the hostname of your computer. You can do this by clicking the following link whilst using the computer than you wish the MDR to be installed on.
    • Click the following link to email: with the necessary information. You can copy and paste all the details from the IT page onto the template that opens in Outlook.
  • If wanting to install the MDR on a university provisioned laptop that you already possess, then follow the same guidance as above (but be connected to the network by ethernet cable), email your hostname to and also ensure that when the software is made available to you, that you will have to be connected to the university network by an ethernet cable, as it will not be able to install through Wi-Fi.

C. Own computers:

  • To install the MDR on your own personal computer, download the MDR installer from the My Mediasite area of Blackboard. When you first select to Add Media, you will be prompted with a message to download the installer file. (See section 5)
  • Follow steps 1-5, but on step 5 be sure to click on both download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and register. Generating your Mediasite Profile

1. Generating your Mediasite Profile

To ensure the smoothest installation process of Mediasite through Blackboard, please make sure you are using the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. Do not use Internet Explorer as this is an unsupported browser that has a high likelihood of not working as intended.

  • Open and login to Blackboard by going to
  • Click into a module that you are enrolled on as an Instructor and make sure that edit mode is on.

2. Add a tool link: Video Manager

  • To access the Mediasite tools, on your Blackboard module, at the top of the sidebar on the page, click the little + icon which will give you the option to add different tool types, select Tool Link from the menu and add My Mediasite, give the tool link a name (Video Manager is advisable) but do not check the box to make it available to students.

3. Add a tool link: Video Library

  • In the exact same way as before, add another tool link, this time find the one called Mediasite Catalog, give it a name (Video Library is advisable) and this time you can make it available to students if you want them to be able to see the videos you publish later, or you can keep it hidden at this time until you are comfortable for students to be aware of this feature.

Once you have added the tool links, click on My Mediasite, Blackboard will then open the Mediasite presentation area and will automatically generate you with a Mediasite profile.

4. Request Mediasite Permissions (Pilot Only)

Before you will be able to progress further, you will need to email the IT service desk: in order to have the Mediasite permissions for your account activated.

Include Personal Capture Pilot in the subject field of the email, letting them know that you are a personal capture champion, that you have just generated your profile for Mediasite on Blackboard and need to have your profile given permission to start using the tool.

  • Please be aware that this part of the process is only applicable to the pilot and will not be required in a full university roll-out of the tool.

5. Authenticating your account to use the MDR

Click on the Add Media button in the top right side of the Mediasite page.

You will need to register and authenticate your account to use the MDR, on the Add Media page, you will be prompted by a green banner that will say ‘Already downloaded the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but not registered? Click here.’

  • Click where it asks, and you will be prompted to open the MDR by the browser in the top centre of the screen, Mediasites will then register and authenticate your profile.
      • you will only need to do this the first time.
      • If you are using your own computer, this is where you can click to download and install the Mediasite desktop recorder, once installed, return to My Mediasite on Blackboard and click on the link to register (see above screenshot).


Mediasites will then attempt to open the MDR and your browser should prompt you to Open MDR with a small dialogue box at the top of the screen.

Click Open MDR and when it launches you will see a couple of small messages in the bottom right corner of your screen telling you that it has authenticated and registered successfully.