Mediasite: Pause or Finish a recording

The Pause Window / Finishing your Recording

When you click the pause icon in the MDR preview window or if you press CTRL + F8 on the keyboard a new window will appear (if you can’t see it, click on the MDR icon in the taskbar to open it up.) This window lets you know that recording has been paused and offers you three options as well as letting you know the current duration of your recording.

It will ask you if you would like to Discard, Resume or Finish your recording.

  • Please note, that if you click resume there will be no 5 second countdown this time, it will immediately start recording again so make sure that you are prepared to continue.

The MDR pause window with buttons to discard, resume or finish recording.

If you have finished recording, then click Finish Recording. Your video will now be uploaded to the Reading Mediasites server. (You may need to allow several minutes for large recordings but progress can be viewed in the status column.)

The MDR recordings management window showing upload status and the option to begin a new recording.

Here you can either begin a new recording or close the MDR and return to your Blackboard course.