Mediasite: Recording – checking your settings

The Summary Window

The final window that the MDR will display will be the Summary window. This will allow you to double check that you’ve set up everything correctly and then proceed to begin your recording.

The summary window of the MDR, highlighting the save as default button, shortcuts and record button.

A couple of things to take note of:

  • Save as default: if you will be producing the same kind of recordings you can click this button to save your set up, so that in future you can more quickly jump into recording without having to go through the entire process again.
  • Recording hot buttons: At the bottom of the window you will see a note about they keyboard shortcuts for pausing your recording, keep these in mind as they will allow you to pause the recording in a less visible way than opening the MDR from the task-bar, this will allow you to cut down potential editing later.

The MDR Preview Window

The MDR Preview window: this small window allows you to have a quick preview of your microphone levels, and your webcam feed if you are using one. It also contains the discard, pause and finish buttons.

The MDR Preview window (with audio) giving a warning that it is in the recording area and needs to be minimised; this window contains an audio level preview and the discard, pause and finish buttons.The MDR Preview Window (with video) giving a preview of the video and audio levels, with the discard, pause and finish buttons.

  • Discard: this button will delete the current recording you have been working on.
  • Pause: this will stop the recording if you need to take a break (CTRL + F8 will do this in a less visible way), the recording can later be resumed or finished.
  • Finish: this button is for when you have finished recording and want to move on to the final stages, it will submit the recording for editing and publishing.

You will need to make sure that you do not allow the MDR preview window to appear in the recording area, otherwise it will be present in your videos. Either move it to a secondary screen by clicking on it and dragging it, or use the minimise button to hide it in the task-bar (the icon that looks like a subtraction symbol – ).

To retrieve the window later, pause your recording (CTRL + F8) and then locate the MDR icon in the task-bar, click it to maximise the preview window. The icon looks like this:  The MDR Icon in the Taskbar.

Start Recording

When you are satisfied that the set up is correct and the MDR Preview window is out of the recording area, press the big red Record button to begin. Mediasite will give you a 5 second countdown and then will begin recording everything in the recording area, your audio and if selected, your video as well.

  • During these 5 seconds you can put your PowerPoint presentation into full screen.
  • If you end up recording anything that you don’t want in the final recording – do not worry, in a later stage you can edit these bits out, for instance if you accidentally recorded opening your PowerPoint presentation, you can cut this out in a process called topping and tailing.
  • Remember: to pause the recording press CTRL + F8 or click the pause button on the MDR Preview window.

The MDR displaying the 5 second countdown before it begins recording.