Mediasite: The capture area

The capture area refers to the area of your screen that will be recorded by Mediasite.

Desktop Capture

The easiest option, is to select the Desktop capture (if you have more than one screen you will need to specify which screen you want to capture from the menu). Selecting Desktop will capture everything on your screen whether you are recording a PowerPoint, a piece of software or demonstrating something in an internet browser. From the drop-down menu, select the desktop you want to record, Mediasite will let you know which screen is selected by framing it in a red border, this represents your capture area.

Select desktop menu of the MDR.

Recording a desktop with the MDR.

Window capture

The window capture, rather than capture everything that happens on your screen, will focus on a single window, such as a PowerPoint presentation, or the window of a browser. If at any point during the recording, you attempted to switch to a different window, it will remain recording the window you originally told it to. If you intend to demonstrate in your screencast using different windows then make sure to select a desktop recording.

The window you have selected to record, will be framed in red to let you know what the capture area will be. Click on the window to confirm your selection.

The window selection capture area of the MDR.

Region capture

The region capture is a custom capture area tool. You can choose a free-form capture where you simply draw a rectangle of the area of the screen you’d like to record, or use a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio template to capture a custom area of screen. The rationale behind this capture type may be that you wish to record a section of your screen, whilst leaving the rest out of the capture area. It is not generally advised you use this method unless you have a clear objective in mind.

Screenshot of the MDR with a custom capture area drawn.

Once you have chosen a capture area, click the green tick to continue.

The capture area confirmation button of the MDR.