Mediasite: Mediasite Essentials

MediaSite Desktop Recorder is a personal capture tool. To learn more, visit the official Mediasite Personal Capture overview page:

This checklist is designed to be a quick guide to help you get started with a MediaSite recording. The checklist includes links to useful resources and tools. Please use this checklist as starting point; add to and personalise the list based on your requirements.


Setting up essential Mediasite course menu links in your Blackboard course

You will require two course menu links in every Blackboard module you intend to use.


1: Video Manager (My Mediasite) link –  ‘behind the scenes’ where administrative tasks are undertaken.

  • The Video Manager link allows instructors to create interactive features, such as video quizzes, and access video viewing analytics.
  • Instructors can upload, view, edit, and manage all videos in this area, but students do not have access to this link.
  • After uploading/recording a video, you must associate it with your chosen Blackboard course. This means the video will display in the course Video Library (details below).

Guide: Create a Video Manager (‘My Mediasite’) tool link


2: Video Library (Mediasite Catalog) link – a catalog for students, displaying videos available in your Blackboard course.

  • The Video Library link allows students to view all videos you have specifically associated to the module.
  • Once you have created a Video Library, you can link videos to the Blackboard course via the Video Manager.
  • The library gives a quick overview of all videos linked to the Blackboard course.

Guide: Create your Video Library (‘Mediasite Catalog’) tool link


Please note:

  • If you wish to deploy a video in a specific area of your Blackboard course (outside of the Video Library), you can do so using an embed code. The embed code is available via the Video Manager link.
  • All videos are automatically set to ‘hidden’ – to allow students to play your video, you must set the status of videos to ‘viewable’. This is done in the Video Manager link.
  • The Video Library link can be hidden from students if required (please consider how else students can view the videos, such as embedding in different areas of your Blackboard course).


Session preparation

1. Students prefer chunked content – think about how you can divide your presentation into shorter sections that are more easily digested. Find natural breaks in your topic/concept to plan multiple videos.
2. Optional: Create slides to accompany your audio – as a minimum you may like to prepare a welcome slide, giving information about the video topic.
3. Plan questions or prompting reflections within your capture. This gives the appearance of dialogue, makes the capture more personal and may promote deeper level thinking.
4. Consider how you will explain what the audience will get out of watching the video. Story telling is an important part of a capture – tell stories with a beginning, middle and end, explain the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, providing real examples.
5. If using a script – Consider how you will maintain a conversational engaging tone and maintain some eye contact with the camera. You may prefer to prepare bullet points or plan to turn off the webcam.
6. Clear your screen of applications / private documents not needed for the recording (especially important if sharing your screen). You may wish to turn off email notifications also.
7. Find a quiet space with wired internet (preferred) or WIFI connection. Turn off your phone and put a sign on your office door.



Before recording

8. Equipment required
·         An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer with the recommended browser Google Chrome installed (
·         Headsets, mic in webcam or inbuilt mic in laptop. We recommend using headset mic to avoid audio feedback (please note: if using a laptop, your device will have an inbuilt mic but we recommend using a headset if possible).
·         Webcam (if you want to record yourself on camera)
9. Login to a Blackboard course.
·         Download and install MediaSite Desktop recorder (if not already done so).

Guide: Installing Mediasite Desktop Recorder and Register

Video: Recording and uploading a slideshow

Video: Recording and uploading a video

10. Launch MediaSite, you may be asked to register (first time use only).
11. Select the type of recording you wish to make.

Guide: Choosing a recording type

12. Set up your hardware choices for the recording

Guide: Setting up your hardware choices

·         If using a webcam; consider the background behind your screen, is it distracting and does it convey appropriate message to your audience?
13. Select your capture area

Guide: The capture area

14. Get ready to record – check your settings summary window

Guide: Recording in MediaSite – checking your settings



During the recording

15. During the recording

·         Minimise the Pause/Stop/Resume window or move this panel out of the recording view.

·         Pause at any time by pressing Ctrl + F8 on your keyboard (windows) or Fn + Cntrl + F8 (mac). This action will open a new window, allowing you to Discard, Resume or Finish your recording. Guide: Pause Window

16. Speak clearly, at a moderate speed
17. Consider using annotation on your screen to draw attention to important items.

Guide: Tools for PowerPoint on-screen annotation

18. If using a webcam – get close enough to the camera so your audience can read your body language.
19. If you make a mistake, start the sentence again. You can edit later, however, remember students will not mind the odd word stumble if the video is overall engaging.



End of the recording

20. End the recording – press Ctrl + F8 on the keyboard.  This action will open a new window, allowing you to Discard, Resume or Finish your recording.

Guide: Finishing a recording

21. When clicking Finish Recording – your video will be uploaded to the MediaSite server (you may need to allow several minutes for large recordings).
22. Return to your Blackboard course – once in your Blackboard course, you can publish the video or edit. Simply exit the MediaSite recorder by clicking in the left hand course menu.


After the recording

23. Locate the recording in Blackboard and associate it with your chosen Blackboard course/s

Guide: Locate your MediaSite recording and link it to your chosen module(s)

Video: Creating your Video Library and adding a video to a Module

24. Optional: edit the recording – you do not need to be a perfectionist, if the capture shows passion and provides a clear explanation students will understand the odd word stumble.

Guide: Edit Mediasite recordings

Video: Edit Mediasite recordings

25. Make your presentation visible

Guide: Make your video visible

26. Publish your video: Embed the presentation into a content area within Blackboard –

Guide: Embedding a Mediasite video

Video: Embedding a Mediasite video

27. (Optional) Create an accompanying quiz or question set to promote student thinking surrounding your video. Ask TEL for guidance if you require a summative quiz.

Guide: Creating quiz in Mediasite