Turnitin LTI: QuickMarks – Share Sets

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Visual indicator that this guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

What are QuickMarks?

QuickMarks is the name used within Turnitin for frequently used re-usable comments that can be added onto a student’s paper to provide feedback. For more details, take a look at our guide on “Creating QuickMark Sets”.

QuickMarks are personal to each individual marker. To make them available for another marker to use, you need to export a Set from your library in the QuickMark Manager and send it to the other person, who can then import it into their own library.

Accessing the QuickMark Manager

Access the QuickMarks via any submitted paper by clicking on the QuickMarks blue tick box on the right-hand Instructor Feedback toolbar.

Feedback Studio with link to QuickMarks

From the QuickMarks panel, click the Manage QuickMarks gear icon to go to the QuickMark Manager.

Manage QuickMarks


Export a set

Click the Menu button in the top left and click on the title of the set you want to Export. Once selected, click on the Menu button again and choose ‘Download Set’.

QuickMark editor with Menu expanded

A file downloads to your computer with the names of the set you selected. (e.g. Part_1_Essays.qms)

You can now send this file to your colleagues for them to import into their own QuickMark Manager.


Import a set

If someone has sent you a QuickMark Set, to add it to your library follow the instructions for exporting shown above but click on ‘Upload Set…’ from the Menu.

QuickMark editor with Menu expanded

In the Upload QuickMark Set screen either, drag and drop the file into the box provided or click ‘Or browse’ and select the file. Once you see the success message you can click on ‘Open’ to view the new set that has just been added.

Upload QuickMark: Success message