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Enable delegated marking

Delegated marking can be useful when you have a large student cohort, and multiple markers marking student submissions. It allows you to split your students into groups – randomly, or by selecting the members of each group – and then assigning one or more marker to each group.

You cannot currently use Delegated Marking with

  • anonymous Blackboard assignments
  • Group assignments.

How do I enable Delegated Marking?

Important: Before you can assign markers to students, you must create the required Groups – see Using Groups in Learn Ultra

When creating or editing a Blackboard assignment, go to the Settings panel. Under ‘Evaluation options’ tick the box for Delegated Marking.

Enable delegated marking

TheĀ Assign markers link will then appear. Click this link to open the Delegated Marking screen.

If no Groups exist in the course you will see this screen – you will need to create the required groups and then come back to edit the assignment settings.

Delegated marking screen - no groups exist

Assuming you have already created some Groups in your course, you will see them listed under the ‘Select group set’ drop-down.

Select the Group Set you wish to use for this assignment.

Delegated marking screen - select groups

Now, for each Group, select one or more markers from the list (cluck in the ‘Markers’ field to see all available markers on the course).

Select delegated marker

Repeat this for each group. When you have assigned at least one marker to each group, pressĀ Save.

Delegated markers assigned

You will then be returned to the Assignment Settings screen.

For more information seeĀ Delegated Grading for UltraĀ (Blackboard Help site)

Guide last updated on January 26, 2024

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