Supporting today’s brilliant young minds as they journey through higher education

Today’s students face unprecedented challenges before, during and after university. We are dedicated to supporting today’s brilliant young minds as they journey through higher education with us.

We believe in empowering capable students to reach their full potential, regardless of their social or financial background.

The University already provides a wide variety of support, and we remain committed to finding additional ways to provide more. But we need your help to do it.

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Help students to take their place at Reading

Family income should never be a barrier to education, but we know that students from low income families in the UK are struggling because means-tested student loans aren’t enough to cover day to day living costs. The system is disadvantaging those from the poorest backgrounds who feel the impact the hardest.

At Reading, The Pioneer Bursary supports disadvantaged students from low income backgrounds and provides a support package at the start of their degree.

“My mother served in the armed forces, but has struggled to find work in civilian life, so is unable to support me financially. The Pioneer bursary has helped me buy a laptop and important textbooks. I’m really grateful to my donors for that.”

For our international Masters students, taking up their place at Reading is especially challenging due to the rising cost of living in the UK, visa restrictions on part-time work and no access to UK government student loans.

The Empowering Change Scholarship supports international students studying on our specialist postgraduate programmes in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. The courses tackle major global issues of poverty, food security, climate change and equality.

You can help address the world’s most pressing problems by supporting the change-makers of tomorrow.

Reading is home to a wealth of sporting talent and we count Olympic gold medallists and world champions amongst our alumni. The Sporting Excellence Scholarship provides funding to students who compete in sport at national level, or who are on the national pathway. Donors are helping nurture talent and further success by providing funding for coaching, specialist equipment and competition entry fees.

You can help our elite student athletes to aim higher and achieve both sporting and academic success.

“My training and travel costs last year were around £2000. As a member of the GB team, we pay our own way for even the major European and World Championships, despite being the leading team in Europe and the reigning gold medal winners.”

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Help make the difference during their course

Even the thriftiest students come unstuck when their circumstances suddenly change. Lauren was diagnosed with a serious illness so could no longer manage her part-time job, and Ben’s fathers’ business went into administration leaving him unable to support his son.

Imagine if there was no-one they could have turned to. Neither of these students expected to need help, but thankfully, the University was there for them in their time of crisis. Last year, the fund helped 132 students, with grants totalling more than £130,000.

The Student Support Fund provides emergency grants to students in crisis, when they have run out of other options and dropping out of university is a very real possibility.

Your support will make a crucial difference to a student in crisis.

Study Abroad bursaries

Students who study abroad as part of their degree are not only more likely to find graduate employment, but also start work on a higher salary.

Reading is proud to have study partnerships with more than 60 global institutions. So whether it’s taking a field trip to Iceland, attending a summer school in China, or studying for a term or two in Australia, donors make it all possible by providing travel bursaries.

Your support will enable students to gain broader life experiences and push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

“I became a donor because I wanted to give something back, and for my gifts to inspire others. When I was a student, I was lucky to spend a term in Portland, Oregon. Looking back, that experience was a pivotal one for me in so many positive ways.”

Student’s Union support

The Students’ Union is at the heart of campus social life. RUSU directs the activities of over 150 student sport clubs and societies, and facilitates student volunteering and local community activities. These activities help students unwind, discover new skills and passions and make life-long friendships.

Your support will give students vital access to equipment and activities that will increase their confidence and enhance their enjoyment of university.

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Help optimise future employability

Life Tools is a series of talks and workshops designed to help students manage their academic demands, achieve their potential and improve their resilience when life becomes challenging.

Every part of the programme is about developing tools to use in daily life and covers everything from improving wellbeing through to diet, polishing presentation skills, coping better with exam pressure and getting a better night’s sleep.

Your gift will help us to expand this programme which equips students with the skills to thrive at university and beyond.

“The talks helped me to feel like I was working on improving myself, not just improving academically.”

How your gift will make a real difference:

  • £5,000 will provide a scholarship for an international student
  • £2,000 will enable an elite student athlete to compete at National Level
  • £1,100 will provide a Pioneer Bursary for a disadvantaged UK student
  • £800 will fund a student-led community project
  • £500 will fund a travel bursary to enable a student to study abroad for a term
  • £100 will provide resources for the Life Tools Programme
  • £40 will provide a student in crisis with hot meals on campus for a week

You can make a real difference to the students of today and tomorrow

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