Student Volunteering: The Red Award

Add real-life experience to your CV by volunteering while you study.

Whether volunteering in schools to offer crucial help in English to struggling pupils or supporting various charities and community groups in Reading, students are continuing to make a lasting impact in and around the local area.

Additionally, we have also seen a growing number of students make a difference overseas. In the last year we have seen student volunteers travel as far as Nepal, Hong Kong and Nigeria.

The opportunity to make a lasting positive impact has drawn over 2000 student volunteers since 2016.

Madeleine Tan, who worked as a volunteer English language tutor at a local school, said “I realised what a difference I could make when, within one month, he was happily communicating and playing with other children.”

Developing students, developing careers

At Reading we are committed to recognising and celebrating the achievements of our student volunteers, so the time that students have put into volunteering with the University is also counted towards the IMAGINE campaign’s ambitious volunteering target – a goal to inspire our supporters to give 60,000 hours of their time by 2020. The RED Award is awarded alongside your degree and acts as proof of your extra-curricular experience and development. If you’re ready to make a difference, sign-up using the button below and let your efforts be recognised.

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