THRIVE Career Mentoring

Helping our students to stand out through one-to-one mentoring.

The job market for recent graduates is more competitive than ever, and having a good degree isn’t always enough to land the top job.

With your contribution to our THRIVE Career Mentoring scheme, we can help University of Reading students to:

  • Feel confident and prepared for working life
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the type of professional they would like to be
  • Recognise the attributes within themselves which set them apart from the competition.

The THRIVE Career Mentoring scheme is available to students across 13 of our academic schools. We are supporting over 400 students in undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The mentors who work with our students are successful and seasoned professionals. Whilst volunteering their time, they work closely with undergraduates to prepare them for their first careers steps, allowing students to discuss their career aspirations and gain invaluable advice.

The Thrive Impact

With the help of THRIVE, one student landed an internship at Cancer Research UK before securing graduate employment at a medical communications agency in London.

“My mentor Cerys helped me with my CV and gave me many tips on how to make it stand out. She proofread job applications and gave me advice on interview techniques. Cerys was able to share with me her own hands-on experiences and she opened my eyes to a wide range of career options I hadn’t known existed.”

The THRIVE Career Mentoring scheme is always on the lookout for new professional mentors to help our students. Sign up to register.

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Student Volunteering: The Red Award

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Student Volunteering: The Red Award

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