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The Secondary Partnership

The University of Reading works in partnership with approximately 100 schools each year to provide secondary Initial Teacher Education (ITE). 
This partnership involves schools and the University working together to plan and deliver the secondary PGCE course as part of which students spend a minimum of 120 days on placements in partnership schools. Lead Partners also offer trainees the option to train with them directly if they would like to complete their placement in a specific school or location.  

Benefits of working with the Reading IoE Secondary Partnership 

  • Trainee teachers bring energy and enthusiasm and can demonstrate new learning strategies in areas where we lead on innovative practice 
  • Mentoring provides teaching staff with opportunities for CPD
  • Recruitment – schools have the opportunity to talent spot good trainees while accommodating Student Teachers on placement 
  • Early Career Teachers (ECTs) who begin their teaching career in a school that hosted them on placement are already part of the school community, which is good for staff retention

The partnership makes a strong contribution to teacher supply in the region.

<span class="su-quote-cite">Ofsted, Initial teacher education inspection report 2016 </span>

Our distinctive Secondary PGCE courses are all planned and delivered in collaboration with our partner schools. Student Teachers are required to carry out placements in different age groups, building their confidence in the classroom and gaining practical teaching experience.

Our Programmes 

School Direct

School Direct is a one-year, postgraduate route into becoming a teacher which allows you to ‘grow your own’ teachers. Student Teachers are embedded within your school community for most of the year, immersing themselves in teaching and learning within your school. They also attend University for central training, and carry out a contrasting school placement. Trainees can be employed members of staff or tuition-fee funded, meaning that they fund their own fees.

<strong>School Direct Tuition Fee Programme QTS only</strong>

Lead Schools offer training based in school with supporting sessions at the Institute of Education. Trainees may be eligible for a bursary depending on the subject and undergraduate degree. 

Duration: 1 year
Fees: paid by student or school
Outcome: QTS only

<strong>School Direct Tuition Fee Programme PGCE</strong>

This programme is delivered through training in schools and supporting sessions looking at effective teaching taught at the Institute of Education. Student Teachers may be eligible for a bursary and student loan for this programme. 

Duration: 1 year, full time
Fees: paid by student or school
Outcome: PGCE and QTS

<strong>School Direct Salaried Programme QTS Only</strong>

This programme is taught through training in schools and supporting sessions at the Institute of Education. For a salaried place Student Teachers must have at least three years’ full time work experience (in any industry) after their degree.

Duration: 1 year, full time
Fees: paid by student or school and the student will receive a salary
Outcome: QTS only

<strong>School Direct Salaried Programme PGCE</strong>

This programme is taught through training in schools and supporting evidence-based sessions at the Institute of Education. For a salaried place trainees must have at least three years’ full time work experience (in any industry) after their degree.

Duration: 1 year, full time
Fees: paid by student or school and the student will receive a salary
Outcome: PGCE and QTS

Assessment Only

As an experienced teacher it is possible to gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), without additional training, through the Assessment Only route. The route to QTS is only available to teachers who have substantial experience of teaching in either the public or private sector but do not already have QTS.

As many schools are unfamiliar with Assessment Only we are very happy to talk to school leaders about the route and its process.

Find out more about the Assessment Only route

Our Lead Partner Schools/Consortia

Secondary Mentoring

If you are interested in mentoring a secondary trainee within your school or setting, please contact our placements coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scholarships are available for applicants to apply for?

Scholarships are available in chemistry, computing, mathematics, physics and languages to support Student Teachers through their teacher training year starting in autumn 2024. Please remind applicants of this opportunity, and that they will need to make a separate application to the relevant professional body.

Along with tax-free funding of £27/30,000, successful applicants will also receive a support programme from their appropriate professional body. ITE applicants will need to apply to the relevant professional body for a scholarship place and meet the eligibility and assessment criteria.

Further scholarship details, including application processes and eligibility

More information on postgraduate bursaries and scholarships

Useful contacts 

Role   Name  Email  
Secondary Programme Director    Will Bailey-Watson 
Art Subject Lead   Mel Jay 
Design Technology Subject Lead  Graham Goldthorpe 
English Subject Lead  Dr Rachel Roberts 
Geography Subject Lead  Martin Sutton 
History Subject Lead(s) Will Bailey-Watson
Prof Richard Harris  
Mathematics Subject Lead  Dr Fiona Curtis  
MFL Subject Lead  Prof Suzanne Graham 
Music Subject Lead  Mark Aitchison 
PE Subject Lead  Harvey Grout 
Science Subject Lead  Andrew Happle 
Religious Education Subject Lead  Martin Sutton 
Assessment Only Programme Director Assessment Only Team
Admissions Team
Placements Team   PGCE Secondary Placements 
School Direct Team  
PGCE Secondary Programme Administration Team