SE-EAP events are intended to be informal local events, allowing participants to share ideas on EAP practice and form collaborative networks if they wish. Local institutions take turns to host events and to date have been free of charge. They are usually an afternoon session, to allow maximum participation. If your institution is planning on hosting a SE-EAP event, the following may be of use for setting up. It is intended only as a guide; please do let us know if you have additional advice to add to this.

1] Types of events

There is no set format for a SE-EAP event. The following are just a range of possible ideas although there are bound to be many more.

    • talks
    • workshops
    • seminar discussions

EAP in the South-East_types of events

2] Getting started resources

  • getting started guide

EAP in the South-East_Getting Started_prep

  • sample poster and sample email

EAP in the South-East_Sample Poster and E-Mail