Blackboard Learn: Customise your list of modules

Courses in Blackboard may represent a module or a programme. You can view the list of Blackboard courses you are enrolled on under the “My Modules” block on your Blackboard dashboard.

You can choose to:

  • Display the courses you are enrolled on by academic year.
  • Re-order your courses.
  • Hide courses that are not in use from your list.
  • Choose what information to see for each course in the list (e.g. Announcements, Instructor listed on the course).

Image of the My Modules portal module with the settins option highlighted

Under Enrolments and Courses, Hover your mouse cursor over the Courses title bar. A Cog icon will appear in the right hand corner of the Courses title bar. Click the icon to Manage Course Module Settings.

There you can choose to group your modules by term like in the image above and what information is displayed for each module on the My Blackboard page.

Image of the settings page with the option Group By Term highlighted as well as the options to display course name, course ID, Instructor names, Announcements and tasks for each module.

You can order the ‘Terms’ of modules by using the arrows or dragging the Date Term into the place you would prefer. The top ‘Term’ will appear first in your My Modules list.

Highlighting ordering the terms by dragging or using the arrows for ordering.

Moving the terms around for best order.