Including PowerPoint Notes in Turnitin Similarity check

Submitting PowerPoint Slides to Turnitin

When you submit PowerPoint slides to Turnitin the Similarity Report will include all the editable text on the slides.

Any text in the Notes section will not be included in the similarity check if a PowerPoint file is submitted.

PowerPoint slides Notes

You may be asked by the Module Convenor to create Notes and to make sure those Notes are available for to the Turnitin Similarity check.  In that case you will need to Export the slides to a PDF.

Export PowerPoint Slides to PDF

To ensure that the Notes section will be included in the similarity check you will need to export them to PDF in PowerPoint and select specific setting.

In PowerPoint go to File and then Export and then “Creat PDF/XPS Document”.

PowerPoint Export page

The pop-up screen will appear with PDF set as Save as type.  Click on the Options button.

PowerPoint save as pop-up with Options button selected

In the Options pop-up select Notes pages from the Publish what.

PowerPoint Options pop-up with Notes page selected

With this setting the PDF will generate with both the slides and notes appearing on each page.

PDF of slides with Notes

Once the PDF has been created it can be submitted to Turnitin where the Similarity Report will include the text in the Notes as well as on the Slides.



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