Collaborate Ultra: Recorded sessions – legal guidance

When you are part of a Collaborate session and it is recorded, please be aware of the following guidance:

You will be informed if the session is being recorded either in the joining instructions or when the session starts.


  • Recordings are for internal University use only and must not be publicly shared, disseminated or otherwise made available to the public via other means (for example YouTube).
  • Collaborate recordings remain the property of the University and are not for wider circulation.
  • Queries or issues arising in respect of Copyright should be referred to

Data Protection

  • Contributing to a Collaborate recording may mean that you are identifiable to others and where that is the case, your personal data must be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • You have a right to be informed when recording is taking place, and should not disclose personal information about yourself that you are not happy to share with others.
  • If you wish to contribute but have concerns about being recorded please speak with the tutor or person who delivered / organised the session.
  • Whilst there are restrictions on content being shared only within the University you are advised that small residual risks remain where it is technically possible to share linked content or record sessions on other devices.
  • Any queries or issues arising in respect of Data Protection and Collaborate should be referred to Information and Management Policy Services (IMPS) in the first instance.
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