Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

💡 About this page: This index provides guidance for using Microsoft (MS) Teams in your studies.

👉 Please note:

  • For information about video conferencing, see Teams meeting index.
  • Students cannot request a Team, however, staff can request a Team for student collaboration (for example; group work, project work, events and societies).
  • Some of the following links point to Microsoft’s own Teams help & learning. In some cases, features listed on the official Microsoft support site may not currently be available for university Teams accounts.
  • Microsoft is frequently improving Teams, so the exact functionality described in our own guides may have changed. If you spot guides which need to be updated, please alert us by logging a ticket through the Service Desk.

What is Teams?

Teams is an online collaboration tool from Microsoft, that integrates with your Office 365 account. If a member of staff has provided you with access to a Team, you will receive an email notification. If you are a member of more than one Team, you can access them from the Teams dashboard (screenshot below).

👉 Important: If you are enrolled on a Blackboard module, your lecturer can set up Blackboard groups to provide an online space for student collaboration; Blackboard groups provide access to tools such as a discussion board, file share and a Collaborate video-conferencing room. This may be preferable to using Teams; for example, where there is requirement for collaboration using Blackboard activities such as blogs, wikis and journals.

Example of Teams dashboard below:


Teams image courtesy Microsoft

What can I use Teams for?

DTS provide guidelines for using Teams. Essentially, a team is made up of ‘channels‘ in which you can:

  • Post chat messages and have conversations,
  • Store and share links, images and files,
  • Hold meetings and presentations in Team Channels,
  • Be notified about activity occurring within the Team.

👉 Important: Where Teams is used for teaching and learning, Blackboard (or Canvas) remains the central hub for the delivery of

  • Core learning content
  • Essential academic module communications
  • Summative assessment submission and feedback
  • Copyrighted materials (for examples scanned articles made available in the Talis Reading List)

Can I use Teams for meetings?

👉 Important: If you plan to record a Teams meeting, see Recorded sessions – legal guidance

How do I request a Team for group/project work or for an event/society?

UoR staff can request a new Team on behalf of students, please contact the member of staff related to your request (i.e. lecturer).

How do I access Teams?

If a member of staff has provided you with access to a Team, you can download the Teams app.

Other useful resources:

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