Blackboard Learn: SpLD – Guidance for students entitled to special assessment arrangements (Green stickers)

If you are entitled to special assessment arrangements because of a disability or specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia), you will be entitled to include a ‘green sticker’ with your written work, to alert markers to this situation.

For work submitted online, through Blackboard or Turnitin, you will be provided with an electronic version of the green sticker.

How will I receive my electronic sticker?

The Examinations and Assessment office will email the ‘green sticker’ to you at the start of the academic year, or following your assessment by the Disability Service. The ‘sticker’ is a JPG image file, which will be attached to the email.

Please retain this email throughout your time at the University, so that you always have access to a ‘sticker’ when you need it.

Click here for guidance on how to download an electronic ‘sticker’ and attach it to your work.

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