Blackboard: Viewing Grades for Presentations and other ‘Non-Submitted’ Assessment

If you have been assessed for work you have electronicaly submitted, this can sometimes appear in your My Marks area (formerly My Grades) in your Blackboard course.

Important information!
Check your module handbook as to which assessment grades will appear in Blackboard, and which will be put directly in RISIS.


This might be for a presentation, or might be for a Wiki, Blog or Journal you have taken part in for your module.

You may receive a mark and feedback for this, without there being a piece of work to view.

This will be found in the ‘My Marks’ area of your course.

A view of my grades in a course. Highlighting the presentation grade.

Alternatively you can view your grade through the Global Navigation Menu at the top right of Blackboard.

The Blackboard Global Navigation Menu My Grades for one course in the Global Navigation menu