How do I access my Reading List?

Via your Blackboard Course

You can access the Reading List for a course from the course menu (or sometimes a link from within a content area).

Course menu with the heading Reading List highlighted


Clicking this will redirect you to the Reading list for the course.

Reading list inside Talis Aspire


If you receive an error it might be that your Instructor has not yet set this up – please ask them to take a look.

Important information!Please note that you cannot access this link via the Blackboard app - it will be greyed out. If you're on a mobile device, please login to the course via your browser or access the list via the method below.


Via Talis Aspire directly

If you wanted to access the reading lists for all your courses quickly, you can do so from the Talis Aspire homepage by searching for your Course’s name.

Talis aspire homepage with searchbar

Online reading lists: a guide for students (Library) →

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